energy work & religion

Updated: Feb 12

Are you curious about energy work, meditation, crystals, and all the things... but not sure if it goes along with your religious beliefs? Here's what I think...

First I want to share a little bit about me and my backstory. I was born and raised in a Christian family that were inactive members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I've always had a strong testimony and connection to my Savior and Heavenly Father, but my faith has been shaken and questioned many times. I think that everyone experiences challenges to their personal beliefs, and that either strengthens or weakens their faith. For me personally, this happened during my divorce and custody battle. I thought that bad things didn't happen to good people and I thought I was doing everything right.

I hit rock bottom when my daughter was abducted by her non-custodial parent.

It was a moment in my life that shattered my faith. I was in a situation that felt completely out of my control and I couldn't understand how I deserved all of this.

For years I continued to struggle with a long distance visitation schedule and parental alienation. It became so unsustainable that I decided to call my attorney and go back to court. At that point, I was willing to do anything to change my situation. As soon as I hung up the phone, I heard a voice tell me to let my little girl live with her dad. And even though it didn't make sense logically, I knew it was what I needed to do.

From that moment on, I decided to follow my intuition. I spent countless hours reading books, studying different topics, and really digging into my belief system. This is what I've learned...

I believe in a loving Heavenly Father and have an even stronger testimony of His plan for us than ever. I believe that He created all things which include the Universal Laws that govern our world. If we can believe in the law of gravity, we can also believe in other spiritual laws like the law of attraction, manifestation, reciprocation, and more.

We live in a world that has access to incredible technologies like wifi, tv, cellphones, etc. Truthfully, I have no idea how those things work! But I know they were created within the laws of the universe. I believe that we have the ability to co-create our reality just as we've been able to create seemingly impossible technology. Just because we can't see or explain something doesn't mean it's not true.

We know scientifically that everything is made up of atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons... everything is energy. Everything has a vibration. If we choose to connect to those vibrations and learn to use them, we can experience the potential to raise our vibration and change our situation just by working with energy.

Just like we have a physical body, we also have an energetic body that surrounds us. It serves as a protection and allows us to sense things before we can logically process them. Have the hairs on your neck ever stood up? Have you ever felt bad about something that you just couldn't explain? Your aura senses those things and communicates that feedback to you.

In our church, we talk about "the still small voice" as the gift of the Holy Ghost. I believe that we receive this divine guidance in more ways than just a voice. I know that we not only have access to a voice that whispers to us, but a loving Heavenly being that communicates using all of our 5 senses physically and emotionally.

I've learned through personal experience that we are never alone. We have teams of guides and angels that surround us and support us in everything we do. I can feel them using my energetic gifts and receive their guidance constantly. I know that our spirit lives on after death and our loved ones continue to bless our lives even after they pass on. We are a part of something so much bigger than what we can comprehend with our limited mortal capacity.

I will always continue to ask for guidance and knowledge to help expand my understanding of spiritual things. I've been promised through my Patriarchal Blessing that I will be blessed with wisdom and understanding above my ability as a gift to be used to help strengthen the testimony of others.

So if this is something you are questioning or curious about, I challenge you to search, ponder, and pray about it to see what guidance and inspiration you receive for yourself. And I'd love to answer any of your questions if you feel prompted to reach out.

Much love!