Full Moon Feels

For the past few years, I've focused on becoming more aware of astrology and how the energy of the universe impacts our daily lives. At first it felt really complicated, but as I've connected into my guides and gained new awareness, I've experienced major shifts by incorporating this energy into my practice. So I wanted to share the basics of what I've learned with you.

A full moon is when the sun and moon align in exact opposition. In astrology, the sun rules over your external self (the part that can be seen in the light) and the moon rules over your internal self (your subconscious beliefs and patterns that you aren't always aware of).

The way this opposition impacts us is by the full moon shining light on the shadow within us. It allows us to become aware of the experiences or limiting beliefs that we have hidden away. These aspects of our life aren't always easy to acknowledge because we've been taught to cope in ways that are unhealthy and allow us to avoid the inner work it takes to clear and heal them.

As we become willing to gain this awareness and allow the ego to step out of the way, we can gain powerful insight and knowledge for our healing journey as the full moon shines light on this part of our experience.

If you have an "aha" moment or really intense dreams, or feel super triggered, this is the energy of the full moon calling you to uncover the truth and deeper insight behind the curtain. Allow that energy to pull back the layers and shine light on the work you've been avoiding out of fear.

The energy of each full moon is amplified by its position in the zodiac, but there are still recurring themes every lunar cycle and ways to connect to this energy even if you don't have a full understanding of astrology.

A new moon is the exact opposite of a full moon. This is when the sun and moon align so the moon is not being illuminated by the sun. When you work with the energy of a new moon, this is a time to set goals and intentions for the future. It's like a fresh start. Visualize and imagine a path clearing for all of your dreams to become reality. This is a time to go inward and connect to what your soul is calling you to manifest.

As the light of the moon grows, this is when you put that plan into action. Work toward the goals you set and recognize your progress as you watch the moon's light gradually grow closer to its fullness of power and light. Begin to focus outward as the moon increases. Collect information to take tangible steps and make those manifestations a reality.

During the full moon, take time to reflect on your progress. Release any blocks or limiting beliefs coming up for you and honor this new awareness. Use this light to clear and heal all previous programming and fill your energy with abundance. Focus on healing and inner work during this time. A lot of energy gets stirred up during the full moon. If you slow down and allow it to crack you open, watch as those limiting beliefs you've been holding onto wash away.

Emotions are also heightened during a full moon, so try not to make any impulse decisions or have any tense conversations. Take time to set boundaries and wait until you feel more grounded to approach sensitive topics with others. Have compassion for yourself and others as everyone is impacted by a full moon, even if they aren't openly acknowledging it. Understanding is the key to all of this.

Once the moon begins to wane and its light decreases, continue to release what's no longer serving you. Shed the dense heavy energy you've been holding onto. Refine your systems and processes to enable you to grow into your highest potential. Start a meditation practice. Create a self care ritual. Begin to move your body with yoga or going for a daily walk outside. Set boundaries. Gain clarity and shift into alignment as you shed the layers that are no longer necessary. Begin to focus inward.

Crystals and Oils for the Full Moon:

Clear Quartz- amplifying and healing energy. this crystal is all about clarity, light and reflection. use it to clear any negative beliefs that surface during the energy of the full moon.

Amethyst- a stone for activating your intuition. use amethyst to see more clearly and receive intuitive guidance. allow it to show you any blocks or patterns that need to be released.

Rutilated Quartz- this crystal is a strong amplifier and allow you to connect with divine guidance to heal negative energy and receive inspiration. use this stone to manifest abundance and create a new reality.

Valor Essential Oil Blend: an empowering combination that increases feelings of courage and self worth. this oil gives you the strength to search inward and gain awareness of your limiting beliefs and patterns in order to be able to then clear them.

Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend: helps to release negative emotions and empowers you to move past emotional barriers to release old memories. use this oil to receive intuitive guidance and awareness as you connect to the energy of light and love, allowing you to let go of the past.

Highest Potential Essential Oil Blend: elevates your mind as you gather your thou