How To Decipher Your Symptoms To Uncover Limiting Patterns

Updated: Mar 9

Symptoms are surface level. When we dig deeper to get to the root cause, we can reprogram those limiting beliefs and create a new reality. Before we get into this blog post, I want you to start to think about some of your symptoms. Going through a divorce? Arguing with a high conflict ex? Struggling with an intense custody battle? Feeling overhwelmed? Shopping addiction? Emotional eating? What are some things that keep showing up in your life that you would really like to change?

If you only work on surface level issues, you'll only see surface level change. You'll always be waiting for our external circumstances to change before you think that things can get better. You'll say to yourself:

"I'll be happy when my divorce is finalized."

"I'll be happy when I get remarried."

"I'll be happy when my kids go back to school."

"I'll be happy when I lose 10 pounds."

"I'll be happy when kitchen is clean."

...and so on

When these symptoms show up in our life, we don't recognize them as patterns. We focus our energy on fixing the issue that is the most obvious to us (and sometimes to others).

Because we have been taught that our symptoms are bad. When really they are just our soul's way of telling us something is wrong. Think about the check engine light on your car. That blinking notification makes you aware of an issue that your car is having that you wouldn't normally realize on your own. Our symptoms are signs that show up to remind us that we need to look under the hood.

Unfortunately, our society doesn't focus on fixing the problem, they only work on alleviating the symptoms. They turn off the check engine light and make you think there's nothing else to worry about. But the light turns back on a few miles down the road and now your car is also making a funny noise to go with it.

We have entire industries built around fixing our symptoms because they just keep showing up. Instead of looking at the real issue, we just want to make the surface level stuff go away.

"Lose weight fast! Go on this diet!" when the root cause is emotional eating.

"Buy this storage cabinet! It will make your home look so clean and organized!" when the root cause is emotional clutter

"Watch this new show on Tv! It's so funny!" when the root cause is feeling overwhelmed and avoiding processing those emotions

And what about the industries that have been designed to perpetuate our symptoms:

Social media was created to keep you scrolling. It's an addiction- they don't want you to put it down. The more time you spend on an app, the more money they make on ads. That's exactly how they were designed. To keep you numbing out. Keep ignoring your emotions. Keep scrolling.

What about the pressure to buy the next best thing? Go get this cute new outfit. You NEED this new decoration for your house... all marketing tactics to make you feel good in the moment but what happens when it's not shiny and new anymore? You check your bank account and realize how much money you've spent trying to avoid the real emotion coming up every time you click "add to cart". Because once those things aren't making you feel good anymore, you'll need to go and buy something else to feel better again. Retail Therapy.

It's all about the industry. Businesses are making money off of our weaknesses and patterns.

Because if we heal the root cause we won't need to go on another diet, or scroll social media, or watch tv for hours, or buy things we don't need with money we don't have.

When we step out of our conditioning and recognize our symptoms, we can move forward and process the underlying limiting beliefs instead of focusing all of our time and effort and money on something surface level.

When symptoms show up in our lives, it's not because we did anything wrong! It's the exact opposite. They're showing up to let us know there's a bigger problem we need to figure out to clear the cause.

And we can do this really intentionally or the Universe can do it for us.

We can notice and recognize our symptoms OR we can ignore them until they get worse and worse. Until something big happens (like divorce! or bankruptcy! or health problems!) and it forces us to change. And even then, sometimes we still don't. Sometimes we choose to stay stuck in the pattern.

And the cycle continues because we are ignoring the root cause. The symptoms will always show back up.

But what if we see this check engine light and recognize there's a problem? Instead of just working with the surface level stuff showing up, we can really begin to heal from the inside out. We'll start to see massive changes because it works!!