New Moon Practice

Updated: Feb 12

The energy surrounding this new moon is really calling us to take aligned action and release everything in the way of that. We should be on the lookout for opportunities that are outside the box and might seem a little bit out there. By clearing our expectations and being more open to unconventional opportunities, we’ll become more aware of our limiting beliefs that previously would have made you question your intuition.

Tonight I’ve been intuitively drawn to sacred mountain for its grounding essence- this is a great root chakra oil because it helps you to feel more secure in your purpose and clears feelings of doubt.

I also reached for patchouli which makes so much sense with the energy of this new moon for balancing and calling in new opportunities.

And last but not least- frankincense (always!) I never miss a night of putting frank on my feet because it’s a high vibration oil that also has grounding properties which means it literally pulls the light from Source through our body- opening and clearing all of our chakras- and scrubbing out all of the dense heavy energy that likes to hide in the nooks and crannies where we can’t always sense it.

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