the best yes

Last year when we moved across the country, I knew this season of our life was changing.

When we lived in Idaho Matt was a successful attorney with growth potential at his law firm, we owned a cute home in a family friendly neighborhood, and life was incredibly stable. But we weren't happy. We knew there was something more for our family and we started to look into other options. We planned on selling our home and moving without really having a plan on what the next steps would be.

Then Covid happened.

More than ever, we knew that we wanted to make this change and we wanted to do it now.

So we sold our home and moved to New York without knowing what would happen next.

During this time of uncertainty, I felt strong intuitive guidance to say yes to an opportunity with network marketing. I had always been open to the idea of residual income but I wasn't sold on any specific product or company. Then, I found a local upstate NY mama on instagram and knew that this was exactly what I was looking for. We didn't know each other and had never even talked before! But I sent her a message before the aria diffuser was scheduled to go back in stock to see if she had resources for building a business online.

Before she had time to message me back, my alarm went off to buy the kit so I jumped in and did it! Luckily too, because it sold out in less than 3 minutes haha

It was totally meant to be.

When we started chatting after I signed up, I just knew this was exactly what I was looking for. Danielle scheduled a zoom meeting for me to meet another leader in her community and I had no idea what to expect.

When I got on our call, I was at the lake with my kids. Hair up in a messy ponytail, no makeup on, and I actually had to get in my car and drive to find better cell service. I was a complete disaster but I remember getting off that call feeling like I had just met my new best friends.

It still feels too good to be true.

Because when I said yes to this, I said yes to more than just an mlm.

I said yes to new friendships.

I said yes to a new holistic lifestyle.

I said yes to breaking a stigma.

I said yes to a consistent paycheck.

I said yes to working during naps and late into the night.

I said yes to my intuition and it has been better than anything I could have ever imagined.

After spending a week with some of our community in Palm Springs, I am feeling even more grateful for taking a chance on something that was so uncertain.

I was so afraid of what everyone would think.

I was terrified to fail again.

I was tempted to listen to the voice in my head that was full of doubt.

I was breaking a pattern of self sabotage.

I was trusting my intuition without knowing if it was going to work out.

It was knowing all of that but still doing it.

And my life will never be the same because I did.