Wellness Workshop with Little Miss Momma

Updated: Feb 12

I’m just a mom trying to follow my intuition. When I was going through my high conflict divorce and custody battle, I felt like I was doing everything “right”. I believed that I was a good person and bad things don’t happen to good people! And yet, there I was. Watching my life fall apart and there was nothing I could do about it.

My faith was broken. I was broken.

Years of long distance visitation and parental alienation led me to a place of bitterness and resentment. I felt taken advantage of and I knew that something had to change.

I called my attorney and prepared to go back to court to continue fighting an intense custody battle with no end in sight.

But as I hung up the phone, I heard a voice say to me that she needed to live with her dad.

And even though it made no sense logically, I knew it my heart that was what needed to happen.

So I trusted my intuitive guidance and never looked back.

Since then I’ve done a lot of healing. Peeling back layers and taking radical responsibility for my role in co-creating my reality. I’ve cleared childhood trauma. I’ve worked through limiting beliefs.

And our situation hasn’t changed but everything else has.

Even though she doesn’t live with us, I know that someday she’ll see me- really see me and know my heart. I hope when she’s ready, she’ll know that this has always been for her.

Until then I’ll keep doing the work. Practicing with intention and becoming better every single day.

And it’s my hope that I can serve as an expander for you on your journey. I know our paths crossed for a reason. I’m so grateful that you’re here sharing this healing space with me. And I would love to share a call with you that I hosted recently with Ashley Stock where we talk about the tools and daily practices that have empowered us to find joy through the trials and peace as we navigate situations out of our control.

And here is the pdf download we mention on the call. It's full of action items for you to implement on your journey as well as a lot of content we go through on the call.

a wellness workbook
Download PDF • 3.48MB

I have to give a huge THANK YOU to Ashley for setting this up! She has the most incredible heart, and if you're not following her already, you can connect with her on instagram at @littlemissmomma or check out her blog at www.littlemissmomma.com